is an NFT designed in Ape style.  The story of Apegangcity in Apecity had a lot of oversight and gangs. At that time, the dominant gang was the red-suited Ape gang, who oversaw almost the entire city.  Lots of entertainment and business  We will be one of the citizens of APE.  Who can choose what they want to be Style, dress, weapon style, Ape red suit often fights with other gangs in conflict of interest.


A story in which we will assume the role of one of the various gangs to represent the gang in their fight for economic power.  When there is up to 5NFT  Possessors can create their own gang and choose the area they want to live in.  By allocating holders to choose and notify via Twitter.  Once a gang is formed, there are opportunities to purchase other things to increase the power in the gang, such as  Various special weapons or car purchases. All NFT events of APEGANG, every market can be informed of all purchase rights.  All NFT markets that are available for sale can be included.

selling 1000NFT in the first set 
-Start creating Twitter and create          Discord to create a gang for buyers
-Start a giveaway event for gangs-Sell 1000NFT  Start crafting NFTs, weapons, cars, etc. -Start building a second set of 1000NFTs.
A SR-rank Apegangcity that looks influential and makes the gang look great.  global spy  legendary assassin  or the godfather of green herbs  and more to come  must not fail to possess

*This is a temporary map.  Once there is a certain level of purchase and gangs, it will start building a city and open space to form a gang.


Come create a gang, just start buying and notify Discord, admin will design a special card and create a room in Discord to create a cool gang.  Don't be late with NFT's unique fun features. 

This is part of the gang leader.